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Travel Agency website development.

Norad Travel Group are a top 40 UK travel management company servicing customer corporations and their travelling executives. Alongside this, they have two travel agency branches, Howard Travel and Erne Travel, which are multi-award winning.

Norad wanted a refresh of their four websites to reflect their new branding. The deadlines were strict due to the timing of the brand launch, but Mr Zen delivered!

What we did.

Norad's expansion through acquisition meant a consistent approach to branding was required. Mr Zen produced this set of websites in a responsive, configurable template that could be used again and again. Although the template was basic, there was plenty of room for it to be customisable and reusable for their multiple travel agents sites.

More recently, and excitingly, the sites have been updated with the ability to integrate and add multiple widgets, such as Trustpilot and Google Maps.

Mr Zen did a great job designing and launching our new websites after we re-branded a couple years ago. It has been a pleasure working with them ever since. The team are always on hand making timely improvements to the sites and supporting the Norad marketing department to help achieve our digital marketing objectives.

Luke JuddNorad Travel Group

Today is the start of a beautiful journey.

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