Navico / B&G

Multiple product launch micro sites for this global leader in Marine Electronics.

Navico are a provider of recreational and commercial marine electronics; key brands including Simrad, Lowrance, B&G and GoFree. There is plenty of evidence that Navico is a leader in their industry as they have such a large range of products on offer that, on average, a product launch is conducted every 20 days!

Mr Zen was asked to produce a set of micro websites for Navico’s product launches. The sites were to be used for presenting videos, graphics and technical specification to their distribution partners.

What we did


Mr Zen integrated Navico’s content into the ‘Concrete 5’ CMS, which gave us the perfect solution for these sites. The established CMS gave us the ability to create and utilise a simple drag and drop style interface for editing content.

One of the main objectives to overcome throughout this project was to review Navico’s security systems, as there were a number of concerns regarding the reliability and recoverability of their key websites. We configured their IIS Web Server to ensure it was set up appropriately for their traffic levels, and also reviewed the EpiServer configuration to ensure it was set up correctly in a production environment.

Custom Offer Applications

Navico sell their products via a huge range of resellers globally. Navico centrally manage offers which are presented to the customer in these resellers, but which are fulfilled online. We have created a set of online applications which handle the application and fulfillment of these offers which are presented in a wide range of languages.

These sites were put together for a product launch with a very tight deadline. Mr Zen leapt into action and delivered the sites right on time.

Simon ConderGlobal Marketing Director

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