Long Travel

Web Development and Project Management for Tailormade holiday specialist.

For over 30 years, Long Travel has had a unique approach at hand-crafting tailormade holidays in Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Cyprus, Montenegro, Corsica, Iceland, Finland, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. The best boutique hotels and villas are up for offer in secluded landscapes, where you’re free to explore the scenery, culture and rich history.

The Hidden Travel Group approached Mr Zen in June 2019 with an urgent requirement to replace their existing website because their current developers were focussing on other work. Also they wanted to consolidate their web suppliers across their brands, and since Mr Zen was the supplier for the Solos Holidays brand, it was decided to bring Long Travel onto the same platform.

The site was developed in just a couple of months, based on designs from their existing website, with certain improvements to usability and search.

The Long Travel template now forms the basis for a series of website that will roll out over the coming years, starting with Completely Croatia which was loaded and launched just a few weeks after the Long Travel website.

Upcoming projects include a fully integrated online booking system.

Today is the start of a beautiful journey.

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