Imagine Cruising

Multiple websites for a large and innovative cruise operator.

Imagine Cruising offers so much more than just a cruise. They offer you the opportunity to fully discover a destination, its culture and most famous landmarks – natural and man-made – through fully escorted immersive land tours.

They contacted us because they were tied into their current supplier who was unable to respond fast enough for their fast paced business.

Mr Zen recommended an approach where we would set up the websites, then hand over to a new internal team so that they could have more control over the delivery of changes.

What we did

There was a tight timescale, so we produced a proof of concept website, which was then used as a base for producing the first of many websites, which shared a look and feel, but had different products for different markets.

We provided an integration with their feed of product in order to keep the thousands of itineraries up to date on the website.

We helped recruit a team to manage on going development by providing job specifications and advice. We've also trained the internal team on our platform.

Autonomy for the client

Today is the start of a beautiful journey.

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