Ski Weekend

Website Development and Product Management for the UK's original Ski Weekend specialist.

Founded in 1987, on the awareness that busy people might only be able to snatch a few days away at a time, Ski Weekend had a simple concept. This was to find stunning ski resorts, as close as possible to major international airports, to offer short breaks on the snow!

In the Summer of 2018, Mr Zen was approached as the existing Ski Weekend website was not completing its full purpose. The site was little more than a blog, difficult to maintain and didn’t list any of their products!

What we did.

TravelZen was integrated to manage product and accommodation information, organise website content and present the holidays effectively. Mr Zen also assisted with the content loading and building of the pages themselves in order for this project to be launched within 5 months.

As a result, the new site looks professional and has a very quick search system. In terms of SEO, this project was very successful- a simple Google search on the term ‘Ski Weekend’ sees the site placed first on organic SERP (September 2019)...!

Fantastic news and thanks to all for your time so far on this. It’s so refreshed and modernised! Tomorrow I’m going to spend some time clicking and working on additional product, but so far, it’s such a great improvement, thanks.

Doug NewmanMarketing Manager

Today is the start of a beautiful journey.

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