Health and Fitness Travel

Stunning design and development for leading wellness travel company.

Health and Fitness Travel specialise in creating exceptional, bespoke, healthy holidays. Holiday itineraries suit customers’ goals - getting fitter, losing weight, detoxing or simply relaxing.

And Relax...

Their site needed an improvement in structure, design and page speed as improving conversions was something very important. Alongside a website fully functioning in a UK market, an Australian site would also have to be developed and work across 15 different currencies. But it wasn’t that easy; both sites had to work under one system so it would require some custom development...

What we did.

Coming from a very saturated market, we built the website to stand out of the crowd in terms of design, but also well-optimised SEO to help this. As the project developed, we created a new bespoke search engine to handle thousands of complex, beautiful products within TravelZen.

Customer testimonials and featured holidays were all added functionalities but without feeling cluttered or confusing. User experience increased rapidly due to better site navigation across all devices- making the all-important goal of finding and booking a holiday become a reality!

Goal Completions for first 2 months
+254.83% YoY

Today is the start of a beautiful journey.

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